About Us

KAHANI is addressing the waste & the global carbon emissions issues in the fashion industry, while satisfying the need of the consumer to have different looks. KAHANI is creating a marketplace for net zero virtual fashion goods. The consumer will be able to use the digital garments for their digital presence (social media, metaverses, video games, immersive experiences). KAHANI is using the latest digital technologies for creating net-zero virtual fashion goods and providing an unlimited wardrobe to consumers. KAHANI is a B2B2C digital platform (app), a marketplace to satisfy the need of the consumer for all channels of their digital via offering net-zero digital fashion goods.

To secure the resources for our next generations, we are offering zero waste and zero emissions product while actively participating in reducing period poverty, 1% percentage of our revenue will go towards addressing this global issue. KAHANI will be creating a new revenue stream for the brands while moving forward the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

KAHANI has partnered up with Ready Player Me to allow the consumers to create their cross-platform avatars, dress up their avatars and take them to various metaverses, video games, and different immersive experiences.